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We happened onto Stormy Point when the first two models were being constructed. Immediately we fell in love with the cottages and the concept and became owners. Today the plan is nearly complete with dozens of cozy cottages, the Lighthouse, water park, Pirate's Harbor Clubhouse, boating facilities and restaurants. It's embarrassing to count the number of cottages where we have stayed! Each Spring we feel the need for a "Branson fix", summer finds us celebrating birthday and anniversary and 2015 we will hold our family reunion in a four bedroom cottage. We come in the fall also, from Raleigh, NC.

If we were granted where we would rather be than at home in Raleigh, NC, our first wish would be Stormy Point Village, our second wish would be Stormy Point Village, our third wish would be Stormy Point Village... get the picture?

Dennis and Kay Rulifson
Raleigh, NC


Thank you for being our favorite Vacation location in America!! Stormy Point Resort has it all!!!! My wife and I enjoy the people, the service, the special activities/entertainment and the new Pirate's Harbor Clubhouse. All of the facilities are first rate! The Outstanding Staff make all the difference and are the main reason we upgraded to the Admiral Club. Tamara, Dee and Sheila are great! They set the standard for service, friendliness and willingness to go the extra step to ensure that all guests enjoy their stay. The cottages make it a unique place and feels like home! The maintenance and cleaning staff do an excellent job and show the rest of the lodging world how to do it right!

Branson has a lot to offer but Stormy Point Resort is the reason we make the trip as often as possible! Thanks to all who make that possible for our family. We can't wait to come back to visit our Stormy Point Friends!! Praise and pay raises for all!!

Terry and Barb Wells
Schertz, TX


We have been visiting many Lake properties, timeshares and resorts for over 30 years it was not until we saw Stormy Point Village that everything clicked for both of us. From the privacy and security with a gated area with 24 hour security staff, it offers secluded valleys and amazing separate cottages that are extremely spacious, we both fell in love with the property. After 30 years of searching for a dream vacation spot, you can tell we are very particular people and know what we want. We both love the Ozarks for its beautiful scenery, shopping, safe and family oriented atmosphere, attractions, Branson shows, quiet spots, hiking trails and friendly people. We cannot say enough about the resort after four years as owners. We still get that "WOW" feeling we felt when we first toured the property every time we walk into our cottage. We come at least 4 times a year and love being bringing close friends and family along for mini-vacations.

The staff and grounds crew keep the place functioning and looking great. The opportunity to relax with our own private porch, fireplace or hang out at one of the two clubhouses, various pools, sauna, hot tub, restaurants, lake area, dock, boat rental or social events and special entertainment events is never-ending. We love cooking in the beautiful kitchen with friends and family as well. Stormy Point Village has become a little piece of heaven where we can truly relax without spending a lot of money or wasting time flying somewhere or driving for days. We have a world-class resort within 3 hours of our home. It has become our second home that is always clean, safe, mowed, beautiful and welcoming. There is nothing to do but have fun or just relax!

Dave & Cookie Crownover


We discovered our home away from home 7 years ago!! Stormy Point truly is just that. Everybody from the restaurant and lounge staff to the check-in desk is always exceptionally pleasant. Our cottage is always clean and comfortable. They really do make it feel like home! The new clubhouse and water park is fantastic!! It was worth the wait...our son loves the new water slide and basketball area and our younger daughter plays in the fun pirate themed kiddie area. We all enjoy the continuous entertainment always going on there. We love the movie nights and live music all the time and different activities each day of the week for the entire family. There's also a great gym at the clubhouse along with an indoor pool, which makes it nice for swimming when we visit in the winter. There's always something new each time we visit, we've always enjoyed our time spent there and would recommend any family to visit!

Jonathan & Jennifer Woodburn


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