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Owner Rewards Terms

Owner Rewards Program: Details of Participation

The Owner Rewards Program is offered by Summer Winds Resort Services LLC., ("Summer Winds") and is subject to the following details of participation. Participation in the Owner Rewards Program is voluntary and by participating, you agree to all of the program's details of participation and give permission to reference your name and ownership to your referral guest(s) in connection with any offer we may extend.


The Owner Rewards Program is effective July 31, 2016, and ends on December 31, 2016. Summer Winds reserves the right to change the rules and regulations, as well as supplement, terminate or extend the Owner Rewards Programs at any time without notice. Referrals are contacted by mail, email and phone if not restricted by Do Not Call registries.

Owner Eligibility

Eligibility for Owner Rewards is limited to your qualified referral guests(s) who attend a resort presentation in conjunction with our getaway offers. To receive Owner Rewards, owners must be in good standing and all financial obligations related to the ownership must be current, including purchase money installment debt and maintenance fees or assessments due to the association. Owners will qualify for rewards on referral guests they submit directly to the Owner Rewards Program. Any names subsequently submitted to us by referral guests do not qualify as your referral guests for purposes of this program.

Owner Rewards

The program compensates Eligible Owners for their participation in the program under the following conditions, for the amounts indicated. Owners will be paid one of the following by company check within 30 days of the qualifying condition:

$50.00 When Your Qualified Referral Guests Attend and Complete our Resort Presentation

For each qualified referral guest who attends and completes a Summer Winds presentation, Eligible Owners will receive $50.00.

$200.00 When Your Qualified Referral Guests Become Owners With Us During Their Getaway

For each qualified referral guest who attends and completes a Summer Winds Presentation and purchases a vacation ownership interval, Eligible Owners will receive $200.00. ( Payment will be made within thirty days of when (1) the referral guest has paid the full down payment, or when (2) all contractual rescission periods have passed, whichever is later. ) Sampler/Explorer packages do not qualify as a vacation ownership interval for purposes of the Owner Rewards Program

You may also be offered other incentives from time to time.

Referral Guests are Eligible Only If:

1. You have provided their names and telephone numbers prior to them responding to any company-sponsored marketing program, prior to them being booked for a preview and sales presentation and/or prior to their vacation ownership interest purchase. To register referrals online, please go to summerwindsresorts.com/ownerrewards.

2. They are not already a Summer Winds Resorts Owner. They have not toured a Summerwinds Resort more than twice in a lifetime.

3. Referral Guests traveling in a group or within the same time frame will be considered as one referral reward.

4. This offer is for individual or family travel only, only one promotional package per family is permitted. Two or more families or friends travelling together, each with the same promotional package, are not eligible unless approved prior to arrival.

Qualification for Referral Guests:

To qualify for this program, your Referral Guests must attend and complete a minimum 90 minute resort sales presentation, and must meet the following criteria:

a) Referrals must be at least 25 years of age.

b) Referrals must have a combined annual income of $40,000 or $35,000 if both are retired.

c) If married, engaged or co-habitating, both must attend the presentation together.

d) Referrals must present a valid driver's license, or passport, along with a major credit card or check book for identification at check-in.

e) Referrals cannot have toured our resorts within the last (15) months, under any program/promotion.

f) Immediate Family does not qualify as Referral Guests for the Owner Rewards Program.