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Summer Winds Sponsors Branson Firefighter Combat Challenge

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

For a second consecutive year, Summer Winds Resorts was a main sponsor for Branson’s Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge held at the Branson Landing. The event took place June 9 and 10, and featured some of the country’s most elite firefighters competing against each other on a uniquely designed obstacle course. Being in Branson, Summer Winds took this opportunity to showcase the award-winning Stormy Point Village through their sponsorship.

The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge was first brought to Branson last summer with the combined help of the Branson Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 152, Branson Landing, Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau and Come Alive CrossFit. Thanks to sponsors such as Summer Winds, the event was such a success that it was brought back again this summer.

The challenge is made into an event hosted in numerous cities throughout the world. Some events have even been featured on ESPN. The point of the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge is to encourage firefighter fitness and to demonstrate to the public the difficulty and rigor of a fireman’s job. Those who helped bring the event to Branson hope to make it one of the nation’s largest someday.

The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge has its competitors in full bunker gear while wearing the Scott 5.5 Air-Pak breathing apparatus. It pits competitors head-to-head as they simulate five tasks a firefighter may be required to do while on the job. Those tasks include climbing a five-story tower, hoisting and chopping objects, dragging hoses, and rescuing a life-size, 175-pound “victim” as they race against their opponent and the clock.

Branson’s Combat Challenge event featured three different styles of courses. One course was much smaller and scaled down, designed for kids to attempt to complete. The other two were similar in nature, but one had non-firefighter teams from the community competing without being in full bunker gear while the other had professional firefighters in full gear.

Summer Winds Resorts is proud to support Branson’s local firefighter community through sponsorships and donations. Now more than ever, these kind of events need our support and Summer Winds looks forward to sponsoring events such as these in the future.

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